EPS Packing

THERMOPACK® provides safe handling and eliminates breakage of valuable products. THERMOPACK® packaging can easily be designed to customer’s specifications. The broad spectrum of properties and individual adaptability of THERMOPACK® permits economical solution of packing problems which vary vastly from product to product, and from sector to sector.

BEST USED IN: Pharmaceutical industry, Electronics Industry, Glass / Cutlery industry, Electronics and Appliances, Household Furniture, Automobiles, Transportation, Poultry, Textile

EPS Insulated Boxes

A Thermopore® box is the best choice to pack and ship the perishable goods, fragile items for relocating, and protection of delicate electronic and medical equipment. It is important for fresh and frozen foods, including meat, fish and vegetables to be kept well-preserved and cool in order to maintain their freshness for extended periods of time, irrespective of the external environment. The following boxes are available: