THERMOPORE-BLUE® Insulation Sheets

Thermopore-BLUE® is the brand name of Industrial Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited used to market premium quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation in Pakistan.

Thermopore-BLUE® is 97.3 % closed cell foam made from pre-expanded polystyrene beads. Thermopore-BLUE® insulation sheets are manufactured in a standard density of 35kg/m3 and above, which is the optimal density suited to Pakistan’s environment.

Product DescriptionTechnical Summary

Thermopore-BLUE® offers better insulation values, better water resistance, and better compressive strength than white Thermopore® of the same specifications. This is due to the addition of carbon compound filler which acts to reduce space between bonded beads.

Thermopore-BLUE® is specifically recommended for building insulation and comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY of insulation value retention.

Salient Features of Thermopore-BLUE®

  1. Lowest thermal conductivity amongst all EPS materials
  2. Produced at a minimum density of 35kg/m3
  3. Exceptionally lightweight yet very strong
  4. Highest compressive strength and bead adhesion due to added filler
  5. Easily cut, drilled or molded
  6. Products in overlap sheets to reduce joints in application
  7. Highest resistance to water vapor diffusion

Cell StructureN/A97.3% Closed Cell Foam
DensityASTM C-30335 kg/m3
Thermal Resistance (R-Value at 1”)ASTM C-5185.85 Fft2h/Btu
Thermal ConductivityASTM C-5180.026 W/(mK)
Water AbsorptionASTM C-5780.15% Immersion
Water Vapor PermeanceASTM C-2720.3 mg/m2
Compressive StrengthASTM C-165270 Kpa
Bending StrengthASTM C-203110 Psi
Fire ClassificationUL 1256Fire Retardant B-Grade
Coefficient Of Linear Thermal ExpansionBS 4370: Method 130.07 mm/mK
Dimension & Density Quality ControlASTM C-3902-3% variation in weight & thickness due to Hot Wire Cutting
ThicknessN/A12.5mm to 600mm
Edge ProfileN/AStraight Edge, Ship lap, Tongue & Groove