THERMOBOARD® is a premium quality product introduced by Industrial Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited after continuous experiments to achieve an extraordinary high R-value, compressive strength, water resistance and surface finish.

THERMOBOARD® is produced using the latest moulding technique which makes it possible to enhance the physical properties of EPS insulation. The highly closed-cell structure of THERMOBOARD® provides a smoother board surface, excellent resistance to moisture and exceptional compressive strength making it a superior and versatile insulation product designed specifically for Pakistan’s environment. In addition, the fine ship-lap edge profile of THERMOBOARD® makes application easier and virtually eliminates heat & moisture transfer through joints.

Product DescriptionTechnical Summary

THERMOBOARD® is produced in accordance with ASTM international standards and a density range of 32-35kg/m3 which provides optimal insulation results. The standard size is 4’ x 3’ and is available in thicknesses ranging from 1.5” or 2”.

Salient Features of THERMOBOARD®:

  1. First ever molded EPS board in Pakistan
  2. Highest R-value amongst EPS insulation
  3. Very High compressive strength
  4. Lowest water absorption
  5. Extremely lightweight yet very strong
  6. Standard and uniform density
  7. Proven long-term retention of insulation properties
  8. Smooth & attractive surface finish
  9. Ease of handling and application
  10. Can be easily cut or drilled
  11. Provides sound insulation properties as well

Technical ParameterTestResult
Material-Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Approx Cost (per inch)-Rs. 28 / sft (rates are proportional to thickness)
Thermal Resistivity (R-Value per inch)ASTM C-5185.85 Fft2h/Btu
Cost per R-value-Rs. 4.79 / Fft2h/Btu
Cell Structure-97.3% closed cell formation
DensityASTM C-30335-38 kg/m3
Thermal ConductivityASTM C-5180.026 W/(mK)
Compressive StrengthASTM C-165290 KPa
Water AbsorptionASTM C-5780.15% immersion
Water Vapour PermeanceASTM C-2720.3 mg/m2
Bending StrengthASTM C-203110 Psi
Co-efficient of Lineal Thermal ExpansionBS 4370:method130.07 mm/mK
Est. Useful Life-+25 years
Installation Techniques-- Sheets placed on roof
- Cavity wall insulation
- External Insulation Finishing Systems (EFIS)
Requires Waterproofing-Yes
Available Sizes-4’ x 3’
Available Thickness-1.5” & 2.0”
Advantages-- Best value for money insulation
- Lowest cost per R-value
- Lightweight sheets
- Lowest water absorption amongst EPS insulation
- Uniform density gradient
- Smooth Finish
- Easily handling & installation
- Produced in overlap
- CFC free product