Superior thermal resistance, stable R-value, high compressive strength, moisture resistant to preserve your pipe temperature

Thermopore® Pipe Insulation is a cost-effective, durable, and energy efficient solution to keep temperatures stable within chilled water pipes. This helps in reducing water wastage in both industrial and residential applications.

Product DescriptionTechnical Summary

Thermopore® Pipe Insulation keeps water cold in summers and warm in winters resulting in energy efficiency and saving of precious resource.

Thermopore® Pipe Insulation is available in a range of diameters, thicknesses and densities and is ideal to operate within a temperature range of -60°C up to 80°C.

Density RangeInner Dia of PipeWall ThicknessUnit of Measurement
20kg/m3 – 35kg/m325mm upto 400mm25mm upto 200mmRunning Meters (m)


  1. Stable R-value to provide long-term insulation
  2. Very Economical against its utility
  3. Easy to install
  4. Impervious to bacteria, moulds and fungi
  5. Lightweight yet high strength
  6. Available in various thicknesses to suit your requirement

How To Order EPS Pipe Insulation:
The following information is required to get an estimate of pipe insulation:

  1. Pipe Diameter: The diameter of the pipe which needs to be insulated must be known.
  2. Insulation density and thickness: The density and thickness of the insulation required should be known. If you do not know how much insulation is sufficient, our experts will help you decide based on understanding your requirements.

PropertyUnit Density
Thermal ResistanceoF-ft2h/Btu4.24.755.25.85
Compression 10%kPa104145173276
Water Absorption% volume2%2%1%<1%